Forex Trade Copier System


Forex Trade Copier system are systems which help copy trades placed at source to the peer platforms. It enables the signal providers or account managers to distribute signals or trades to subscribers without exposing the underlying strategy. Forex trade copiers comes in different forms for different platforms, but the overall nature is connecting the trading service provider with their subscribers and copying the trades at source to the peer platforms.

Trade Copier for MT4 Platform:

Metatrader 4 platform is a Forex retail trading platform which is widely used by Forex traders all over the world. MT4 platforms comes with inbuilt trading automation feature, and offers it through their own programming language MQL4. Expert advisor or EA is coded using MQL4 language which can automate the trading process on MT4 platform. Expert Advisor can only be used on MT4 platforms and it runs inside the platform making it a decentralized system, but MT4 also comes with a feature to import DLLs into MQ4 files which in turns enables the EA to communicate to external systems.

Trade Copiers make use of this feature and use DLL with EA which can communicate to and fro  any external servers there by receiving inputs for trading activities. MT4 trade copiers predominantly has three elements:

  1. Centralized server system for licence management and signal exchange
  2. EA and DLL to run on provider’s MT4 platform
  3. EA and DLL to run on user’s MT4 platform

AutomatedFx shop team has worked on developing many custom trade copier systems for our clients. We have started utilizing the DLL functions to setup wide variety of communication channels enabling the super power EAs for over a decade now. We have a generic trade copier product that can be used by traders looking for a solution to deliver signals or account management to your clients.

AutomatedFx Trade Copier System for MT4 platform


  • Easy to use, web based licence management system and signal exchange server. 
  • Add/edit licences through centralized server.
  • Unlimited concurrent users.
  • Secured signal casting through encrypted data connection.
  • Compatible with all MT4 versions and builds. 
  • Protection against theft of intellectual property using decompiler.



Forex Trade Copier System

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