Did you know that almost every trading method is based on predicting the market and trying to win with probabilities? As in you don’t know what will happen next 99% of the time, but you hope it’s in the direction you are trading.

When you know ahead of time what will happen in the stock market, it’s insider trading and illegal, but if you know what will happen in the Forex market ahead of time, it’s actually legal.

That is what arbitrage trading in Forex does. It’s a method that’s not predicting the future market movement, but trying to identify where the market will go on a broker based on another price feed and profiting from those differences.

We’ve developed a smooth beginner friendly system that simplifies and automates the process for you.

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About The Arbitron System

Arbitron is a 100% automated Forex system that trades on major currency pairs and utilizes latency arbitrage to grow your account fast with insane accuracy.

It’s the same accuracy that’s helped us net 3,900% profit 8,420% profit, even 21,000% profit in just a month.  You can see more performance proof in the next section.



Arbitron is designed with simplicity in mind.  Many arbitrage systems are large and complicated to operate.  We’ve designed Arbitron so that…

  • It’s beginner friendly.
  • It’s easy to setup.
  • It doesn’t require any complex adjustments.

You don’t need to adjust any settings to a broker or server; the system automatically detects and sets it all for you.  The system is compact and simple – providing information to help you understand what’s going on with the results, speeds, and profit potential.



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