Ex4 to Mq4 conversion

EX4 and MQ4 are two different file formats used in Metatrader 4 for Expert advisor / Custom Indicator / Scripts. MQ4 is the source code file which contains the algorithm in MQL4 langauage and it can be edited using Meta editor to make changes to the algorithm. EX4 files is an executable file format which is created by compiling the source code and it is this file that run on the MT4 platform for trading automation and signals. If you have an EX4 file and if you’re looking to make changes to the algorithm, then you will need MQ4 file in order to do that.

Some EX4 files can be converted using decompilers. But the latest build EX4 files can’t be converted using decompilers and needs manual process to decompile it.

AutomatedFx shop offer manual conversion service for those files which can’t be converted using decompilers. Please submit your request using the form below, our team will get in touch with you and assist you with the process.

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