EX4 to MQ4 Decompiling on MetaTrader 4


MetaTrader platform comes along with Meta Editor, which is a code editor for MetaQuotes Language 4. Mq4 is the source code format for creating EA/Indicator/Script. Mq4 code has to be compiled into Ex4 format which is like a encrypted version of the code and this Ex4 file can only be executed on the MT4 platform, hence Ex4 files are used for distributing without exposing the code. It is important to have the Mq4 file in order to understand or update the algorithm. 

Ex4 files with older builds can be decompiled easily with decompiler softwares. But the converted Mq4 file code might not be really user friendly to read. But it can be easily structured by reassigning variable names, making it easy to read and update. But the codes compiled using the newer builds of MT4 platform or the codes with external import cannot be decompiled using such software. In such scenario where the decompilers don’t work, the Ex4 files can still be cracked. But it has to be done manually and it requires following a stringent process of cracking the code. Even with manual process, it might not be 100% successful. 

AutomatedFx Shop offers our subscribers a free copy of Ex4 to Mq4 decompiler. Check below to download your free Ex4 to Mq4 decompiler.

Free Ex4-Mq4 Decompiler

If you’re unsuccessful with the above approach, our team can help you with manual decoding for a small payment. Check the link given below to submit your EA for a no obligation free consulting on manual decompiling of Ex4 file. 

Ex4 to Mq4 conversion


EX4 to MQ4 Decompiling on MetaTrader 4

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